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Sonya Mastick


Sonya Mastick is an entrepreneur, podcaster, writer, and musician.
Her passion lies in creating, crafting a story, and elevating the often marginalized and silenced. Keenly aware that at the time there were not a lot of truly safe spaces for women to have an open dialogue, she brought to fruition the idea of What Won't She Say.


Sarah Zimmerman is an author who writes the hard stuff of life in a funny way. In past lives, she has been a Physician Assistant in Women's Health and the owner of a vegan ice cream company. Originally from the midwest, she now resides in Northern California with her two kids, one husband, and Abel, the Greyhound dog, who is far and away her favorite family member. You can find her work on her site,, and she's also on socials at @sarahzwriter. 

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