After years of gathering, conversing, and marveling at the insanely talented women in her midst, Sonya Mastick decided to take these stories to a broader audience.


She enlisted her friend and fellow conversationalist, Jen Kinney, and What Won’t She Say was created. After two seasons with WWSS, Jen left so she could focus more deeply on her amazing podcast, Speaking of Racism.


Loving the direction the podcast was heading in and not wanting it to end, Sonya started her search for a new co-host. She knew two heads are always better than one and this journey wouldn’t be as rich taken alone. After much deliberation she came up with an obvious choice, Julie Schulze. 


Julie has had a lot of practice talking as a Media/Technology Specialist at Brookside Lower School. Issues that she is most passionate about are the effects of social media on our society, the power of empathy, and how we are all truly connected.


W.W.S.S is like getting together with great friends but more! In this safe space, we will celebrate women’s journeys and take a deeper dive into issues that affect us all.

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